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Most people come to Fuerteventura to enjoy the many beaches on the island. We have listed the most beautiful beaches for the real beach tigers. You can usually park next to the beach and it is usually free.If you wish for small hidden beaches, plan your trips with Fuerteventura.cool.

The Canaries are not known for having the world’s best beaches, but Fuerteventura proves that stereotype wrong at every turn. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re in the Indian Ocean, or Caribbean at some of these beach spots. Just take a drive, or get on a bike to discover them. The circular stone wind shelters are quite iconic and most people love to build a nest in them for outdoor picnics, for example!

Famous Beaches Fuerteventura


Sotavento - Municipality Pajara

5 km long coastal strip in the southeast of Fuerteventura near Costa Calma

Dimensions: 800 meters long - 30 meters wide; golden sand

  • Not crowded
  • Services; standard (wheelchair accessible, parking, changing rooms)
  • Ideal for: families, windsurfers, kitesurfers, nudists
  • Can be reached via the FV2 exit KM-72.

El Castillo - Municipality Antigua

The beach is about 1 km long and has pale golden sand. (El Castillo)
The relaxed atmosphere that prevails makes Caleta de Fuste the ideal destination for a family.
Dimensions: 1 km long - 70 meters wide; white/gold sand

  • Reasonably busy
  • Services; bars, restaurants, wheelchair accessible, changing rooms, showers, water activities, sun loungers
  • Ideal for: families, groups of friends

Playa del Matorral and Playa Jandia - Pajara

The beach at Morro Jable is about 4 km long with pale golden sand. The area north of the lighthouse is wider and home to the Jandía salt marsh. There are fewer bathers in this part of the beach, and nudism is allowed in this stretch of sand. Dimensions: 4 km long - 150 meters wide

  • Fairly busy
  • Amenities: Bars, Restaurants, Showers, Water Activities, Sun Loungers
  • Ideal for: families with young children.

La Concha - Municipality La Oliva

Typical Fuerteventura beach where fine pale golden sand borders crystal clear turquoise waters located at El Cotillo. Dimensions: 200 meters long - 50 meters wide; pale golden sand

  • Rarely crowded
  • Facilities: bar, restaurants, changing rooms, showers, parking, wheelchair accessible
  • Ideal for: families, nature lovers

Grande Playas Corralejo- Municipality La Oliva

The beach is located in the Las Dunas National Park near Corallejo.
Size: 2 km - 50 meters wide: pale golden sand

  • Reasonably busy
  • Amenities: parking
  • Ideal for: families, nature lovers, nudists

Playa Barlovento Cofete - Municipality of Pajara

Playa de Cofete on the west coast is a place where total tranquility reigns. Enjoy the tranquility of this isolated location. You arrive in Cofeta via Morro Jable and a dirt road up the mountain pass. Road signage is available.

  • Dimensions: 15 km; golden sand
  • Not crowded
  • Amenities: none
  • Ideal for: nature lovers, surfers

Think of the dangers of swimming in the sea.Look at the coding of the flags and make sure that rescuers are present before you go swimming.