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Costa de Antigua simplicity graces

Costa de Antigua Nuevo Horizonte is located just north of El Castillo. This neighborhood is mainly popular for people looking for a tranquil setting with the option of a quick walk to Caleta de Fuste for its huge range of bars, restaurants and other facilities. The supermarkets Mercadona and Lidl are approximately 1 km from our apartments. In Costa de Antigua are some small supermarkets where you can do your daily shopping. There are also a few small restaurants and bars in Costa de Antigua. Costa de Antigua provides an attractive, peaceful destination for those seeking a really relaxing holiday. Costa de Antigua is especially popular with winter visitors from northern European countries.

Shops, Restaurants, Leisure &  Relaxation "Costa de Antigua


Pizzeria Costa Tropical- Mina Sun Rest. - Rest The Yorkshire pud - JinXing Rest. - Restaurant El Tamborill - Bennys Sportsbar - Busstop 1 and 2. - Laundry service wasserette - Bombay Burritos Rest. - Irishpub Stoners Rest. - Bar Pub Crazy Goat - Volvoreta Rest. and Pub - CrossFit Veintiocho - Taxi stand - Disa Gazstation - Loly Mini Mercado - Ristorante Mama Mia - Mini Mercado Ke-Ye - Mini Mercado Elba Hotel - ATM - Busstop 2 - Buen Dia driver's restaurant - Fran y Chemi Vegetables and Fruit - Mercadona supermarket - Lidl supermarket - China Town Mall - Beach (Las Caletillas) - IKEA Pick-up point - Pádel Indoor PYT

Wellness Costa de Antigua

Natural Pool

Crab Rock between El Castillo and Costa de Antigua is a natural pool that can only be used at low tide. The clear water and the dark rocks surrounding it make it a special experience to swim.

Public transport

The apartment is well served by public transport, but we recommend that you rent a car. Not all locations on the island can be reached by public transport. Take line 3 towards Salinas El Castillo. Bus stop 1 in Costa Antigua. (250 meters)

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Busstop Costa de Antigua

Get your own spot under the sun

Starters opportunity for now and in the future.

Costa de Antigua (Nuevo Horizonte) is a place that is still developing. Many tourist homes and apartments have been and are being built on this site, many of which have a sea view. This area is still under development and not completed. It seems to be equipped for the many winter visitors who move to the Canary Islands every year. The beaches are still under development and a lot is still being built. It may be of interest to hibernators and holidaymakers who are mainly looking for a quiet place for their stay. 


The most impressive thing about this place is the environment where the rugged and desolate landscape looks very impressive to you. People who are looking for a piece of real estate on Fuerteventura and who have a budget that does not reach too high, may be able to find a place here where it will be nice and quiet living in the future.

Lavafield Costa de Antigua