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We have a number of excursions that you can undertake on your own. There are of course more, but we have opted for sights that are not directly visited by the large tourist crowd, or that we think are a nice trip.


The white sand of the dunes is on both sides of the FV-1 route towards Corralejo and you can enter it at the indicated locations along the way. There you have the opportunity to walk through the sand dunes or to stroll or walk on the long sandy beaches. There are free parking spaces on the sides of the road.

Bus 03 towards Pto. del Rosario (bus station - transfer)

Bus 06 towards Corralejo - Park Holandes - Los Hoteles exit

2. SCULPTURES  (Pto del Rosario)

In the center of Pto. del Rosario there are more than 100 sculptures to admire on street squares and alleys. All sculptures stand here and there along streets on squares on roundabouts and along Boulevards and in harbors. Stroll relaxed through the center of Pto. you will come across del Rosario.

Bus 03  towards Pto. del Rosario Bus station stop.


Pajara is the capital of the largest municipality in Fuerteventura. The small farming village with the Church, the market square and the small weekly market give an idyllic sleepy look of the village. With the many bouganville bushes, it is a very photogenic village. For a small contribution you can also view the old church.

Bus 03 towards Pto. del Rosario (Station)

Bus 16 towards Gran Tarajal

Bus 18 towards Pájara


Betancuria is a small village in the middle of the island, and was the former capital of the island. The village is hidden between the mountains, so the drive to the village runs straight through the (at least for Fuerteventura) middle mountains. Along the way you will come across a number of photo stops where you can enjoy the view. (don't forget the camera).  In Betancura is a church, an Archaeological Museum, an old monastery, and a number of historic buildings. There are a few restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. Don't forget to visit Casa Santa Maria.  You can park for free near the church and on the south side of the village is a large free parking space.

Bus 03  Pto. del Rosario (transfer)

Bus 02  Vega Rio Palma - Betancuria


In the north of Betancuria, on the mountainside, there are two giant statues of Ayose and Guise, these are two former rulers on Fuerteventura.  There are two parking ports for your car and it is a unique place to take pictures of the images but more importantly you have a view over the north and south.  Close to the statues there is a narrow road that leads to the Mirador de Morro Velosa a lookout post (building) designed by the famous architect, Caesar Manrique.  The building houses a museum dedicated to the arid landscape of Fuerteventura and there is also a small café.  Parking and admission are free. There is also a spectacular view of the center and north of Fuerteventura from the building.  Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.  To the south of Betancuria, on the road to Pajara, there are also a number of Miradors with parking spaces.  These Miradors overlook the east and south of the island. 

Also a perfect stargazing point.

6. PEPE'S FINCA (GOAT FARM) (Betancuria)

Just outside Betancuria there is the Finca Pepe, it is a free tourist attraction where you can visit a working goat farm. It is a possibility to visit a typical Canarian farm with goats, donkeys, pigs, camels, peacocks etc. You can find a souvenir shop and buy goat cheese and dairy products.  http://www.fincapepe.com


On the Fuerteventura peninsula called Jandia, a hiking route has been plotted.  If you want to brave the 817 meter high mountain, you will get to see the most spectacular view of the entire island. (provided the weather is nice of course)  You will have to walk for almost 3.5 hours so bring enough water and put on good and sturdy shoes. The walking route runs along beautiful vistas, so don't forget to bring your camera. (There is road sign on the route)

Bus 03  towards Pto. del Rosario (transfer)

Bus 01  towards Morro Jable


Punta de Jandia is enjoying the view of the ocean.
Can be combined with a visit to Pto de la Cruz, a small sleepy village and the endless beaches on the west coast at Cofete and Villa Winter.

Bus 03  towards Pto. del Rosario (transfer)

Bus 01  towards Morro Jable (transfer)

Bus 111  towards Cofete - Punta de Jandia


9. STAR GAZING TEFÍA (Pto del Rosario)

In the centre of Fuerteventura lies the Tefía observatory, the main reference point for contemplating the skies in the island. There is a small refuge where you can stay the night if you reserve in advance. The refuge boasts an observatory dome and a telescope belonging to the Fuerteventura Astronomy Group - they meet here to view stars at least one Friday of every month. Panoramic views of the brightest stars in the north. From the Tefía observation point, if you look towards the south there are particularly pretty skies during the first months of the year, when you can see two shining lights – the brightest stars in the sky. This is Sirius, the brightest star of the Canis Major constellation and Canopus, in the Carina constellation, the second brightest in the skies. Above both stars you’ll find what some call the cathedral of the winter skies in the northern hemisphere, the Orion constellation.


In the middle of one of the most spectacular natural landscapes of Fuerteventura, near the town of Vega de Rio Palmas in the center of the island, is the "Casa de la Naturaleza", an information center and restaurant with excellent gastronomy and impressive audiovisual information about the "Betancuria Natural Park". From this place you can also walk hiking trails. http://www.casanaturaleza.net/