Costa de Antigua

Las Caletillas

In Costa de Antigua are some small supermarkets where you can do your daily shopping. There are also a few small restaurants and bars in Costa de Antigua. Costa de Antigua provides an attractive, peaceful destination for those seeking a really relaxing holiday. Costa de Antigua is especially popular with winter visitors from northern European countries. 

  • There are frequent buses between El Castillo - Costa de Antigua - Airport - Pto. del Rosario bus station. (half-hourly service)
  • Click HERE for timetables

Weekly groceries

  • The Mercadona and Lidl supermarkets are approximately 1 km from our apartments on the industrial estate of Costa de Antigua. (The industrial estate is easily accessible on foot via the dirt road.)
  • Bus 3 also stops here.

Daily groceries

In Costa de Antigua there are several small supermarkets (corner shops) where you can buy fresh bread rolls every day. You can also do the much-needed shopping there on the day of arrival. distance to apartments +/- 400 m.

  • KeYe at Torres de Castillo apartments (open until 11:15 PM 7 days a week public holidays sometimes)
  • B&B Supermarket at Antigua Bay (open until 9:00 PM 7 day a week)
  • ATM at Hotel Globalis Costa Tropical and B&B supermarket

Natural beach Las Caletillas πŸŽ£

Playa Natural de las Caletillas is a quiet beach where few people come and with enough space to enjoy the sun. Special circular stone walls ensure that you can lie in the shelter of the ever-present wind, it also gives you the private atmosphere as if it is your own place. Since there are no facilities on or at the beach, you can use the beach towels in the apartment. Trash bins are available on the beach. The beach is guaranteed to be quiet and you won't see large crowds of people. So nice and quiet. You can only reach this beach on foot.

  • Walk in a northerly direction and follow the path along the garden center and you will automatically arrive at the entrance of the beach. 

(note: no nudist beach) 

Dog beach

Dog beach Barranco La Muley. If you walk 200 meters from the Natural Beach Las Caletillas, you will reach the dog beach "La Muley". The dog does not need to be on a leash here and can therefore romp freely.

Pto. del Rosario Dog friendly beaches Info Download

La Muley Dog Beach

Shore fishing

There are several beautiful fishing spots for enthusiasts along the walking route to Las Caletillas beach and La Muley dog ​​beach.

Walk north and follow the path past the garden center and you will automatically pass beautiful spots to cast your fishing line.

Calisthenics Jogging & Running Paseo Av. Maritima

For anyone who just wants to take a relaxing walk or enjoy a passionate run, there is a well-constructed and maintained paseo. This can be found near our apartments. The Paseo runs from Salinas del Carmen via El Castillo to Costa de Antigua.
An exceptionally beautiful and varied walking and running route that can be completed in the cool morning.
You can enjoy the fantastic sunrise during your morning workout. An unforgettable running and walking experience that is also possible for those who are not morning people. This is because the sunrise is not too early as it is quite close to the equator. In Costa de Antigua there is a Calisthenics field where you can also find some cardio fitness equipment. Think of a cross trainer and exercise bike. Of course you can use this for free. We would say nice workout 😁

Note: Via the coastal walking and cycling path you can walk within half an hour to the large beaches, marina and the center of Caleta de Fuste (2 km), along the way you will encounter many funny ground squirrels that are mainly supplied with peanuts by tourists. There is street lighting along the route so that you can still walk along the sea late at night.

Public Transport

Those who do not want to walk can use the scheduled bus. Buses run regularly between El Castillo - Costa de Antigua - Airport - Pto. del Rosario bus station. (half hourly service)

Click HERE for the timetable.

public transport
ground squirrel