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Occasional rental maybe something for you?

Renting out your holiday home


For example, you rent out to cover fixed costs, so you can sit in your palace for free. The occasional rental can be an option if you do it under the name of friends and family rental. You do not have to pay the 19% tax on your rental income and cleaning service, nor do you have to submit quarterly returns to the tax authorities. We also call incidental renting "paddling".

You own an Apartment, House, Casa Rural or Finca in Fuerteventura and you occasionally want to rent it out to tourists, then the large rental platforms are no longer an option since the Tourist Act was amended in 2019.8

On the major rental and reservation platforms such as Booking.com and AirBnb, etc., you must have at least a continuous availability of   6 to 9 months to be visible to potential tenants in searches. In short, the tenants will not find your free advertisement in the search results because you have too few periods available. So you will not receive any reservations. In addition, since the law amendment of 2019, all major rental platforms have their activities online, making it easier for the Spanish tax authorities to trace illegal rental income from private owners.

Since a change in the law, you are obliged to pay 19% tax on your rental income to the Spanish tax authorities.

An exception to the above is the occasional rental to acquaintances, family, etc.


Advantages: occasional rental

(minimum 1 week maximum 10 weeks without all the hassle)

  1. No quarterly costs Assessoria (average € 125 to € 250 per quarter for 210 statement)
  2. No extra high premium Home Segur Protection (This is 3x higher if you are going to rent out with a permit)
  3. No furnishing and special security requirements. (see hotel requirements)

Our way

We are happy to help you on your way so that you have time for other things. You can advertise your home for free on our internet page and with that you have a sign for potential tenants. We link a reservation calendar to the advertisement where interested parties can make a reservation.

  • You get a free spot on our website (see example)
  • We provide a rental contract.
  • We advertise on Marktplaats and other online Marketplaces and you hitch a ride with us.
  • If you do not have cleaning services yourself, we will put you in touch with a cleaning service in Fuerteventura.
  • We take care of the financial settlement (invoicing, and collection of the invoice)
  • We take care of communication with tenants and with you as the owner.
  • We work according to the principle: ": no cure, no pay", so if you don't have a tenant, you don't have to pay anything.
  • You only pay a percentage of 10% of your basic rental income if you have actually received tenants. So if there are cancellations from the tenants and you have not received any rental income, we will not charge you.
  • In the event of damage, we can mediate between you and the tenant.
  • We provide Check-in and Check-out (Hosting) and contact person for your tenant.
  • We keep the calendar up to date and ensure that you do not get double reservations and that you stay within the maximum rental time.


Renting with a high occupancy rate only with a permit

If you plan to rent out frequently, we recommend that you request a Vivendas Vacacional.

We can put you in touch with the right people to apply for the permit and to arrange the declarations with the local authorities. If you also wish to rent out through us, you will receive an official invoice for the quarterly tax return 210. (These are legal obligations that you must meet if you wish to rent out with a high occupancy rate.)

Please note: you will pay a lot of tax (19% on the total amount of your invoice) because the law has been changed in December 2019, an invoice from the Assessoria will also be added every quarter. The amount of these invoices is between 90 and 200 euros per quarterly declaration. You can of course also do the quarterly declaration yourself, whereby you regularly have to travel to Gran Canaria to submit the declaration at the tax office of the Cabildo. However, we recommend that you have this carried out by a good assessor.

In summary, we are happy to help you get off to a good start with the occasional rental of your home on Fuerteventura. For more information, feel free to contact us via us

E-mail address: verhuur.bouganville@gmail.com

We are happy to inform you about the how and what so that you are not faced with surprises.