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Info & Contact


The Procedure after booking

  • You will first receive a confirmation of your booking.

  • We will sent you a rental contract by email, which you can then sign, scan and return to us by email.

  • About 3 weeks before departure you will receive an invoice and an Information package from us. 

You can download an example rental contract below.

Our and your rights and obligations are guaranteed by signing a lease contract.

Check-in and check-out:

You can check in between 14:00 and 19:00.
On the day of departure you must have left the apartment or the bungalow by 10.00 am.

In order to comply with the Covid-19 rules, we must strictly adhere to check-in and out of times.
At the request of the Spanish authorities, we are obliged to register your data when you check in.

You will need a valid identity card or passport.

Covid-19 Cleaning protocol.

  • We disinfect surfaces that are touched a lot
  • We ensure that after every final cleaning there is at least 24 hours in which no one can enter the object.
  • We use cleaning products and disinfectants approved by global health organizations.
  • We comply with local laws, including additional safety and cleaning guidelines.

Cancellations under normal circumstances

Cancellation by the tenant (under normal circumstances)
Every cancellation must be made in writing and sent by post or email to verhuur.bouganville@gmail.com
We charges the following, depending on the date of cancellation by the tenant:

  • Cancellation more than 3 months before the start of the rental period: 10 euro.
  • Cancellation between the 3 months and the 7 days before the start of the rental period: 75 euros.
  • Cancellation less than 7 days before the start of the rental period: 50% of the rent.
  • In the event that the tenant does not occupy the rental property or departs before the end of the rental period, no money will be refunded
  • Covid-19 and cancellations.
    During outbreaks of Covid-19 variants (Corona) you can always cancel for free

Digital Travel QR 

If you travel to Spain you must register with a QR code at the health service. (for Corona registration)
If you have not registered in advance, you cannot travel to Spain. You can register in advance via: Spain Travel Health (spth.gob.es). Use "New Form" - Individual FCS. Follow the prompts in the process. (link in the Menu)


Frans & Greta
de Teuge 35
7205 GB Zutphen

Tel: +31 61 41 53 517
E-mail: frans.en.greta@fuerteventuraapartments.eu

About us

Hello we are Frans and Greta

When we, Frans and Greta, bought our first apartment, we only had one goal: "We wanted a spot on 3200 km from Netherlands where we could feel at home". Since we are not always able to go to Fuerteventura when it suits us, therefore we decided to rent out the apartment. We find it very important that people feel at home in our apartment. As long as we have not yet retired, we will continue to strive a pleasant holiday stay for our guests. Because of the pleasure in renting out our apartments, we have now also received requests from other owners to mediate in the rental of their apartment. However, we continue to rent privately and have no intention of commercializing our hobby. 

Local host

Of course we cannot always be on site if you are going on holiday in our apartments. That's why we use a local host who will welcome you and hand over the keys.  The final cleaning will also be done by people who live in the area. 

Example Rentalcontract

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